Komine JK-137 Carbon Protect Mesh Jacket

  • đ3,740,000

・Regular fit versatile mesh jacket with carbon shoulder protector
・Reinforced lower back with EVA foam padding provides a comfortable riding during long hours rides
・Removable inner shoulders, elbows, chest protectors with EVA back padding come standard
・Optional SK-807, SK-624
・Optional SK-802, SK-679 Order No. 07-107
・Middle end summer riding jacket with outer titanium shoulder armor for increased safety
・hard armors at shoulders, elbows and chest along with EVA padding on the back. EVA back padding can be replaced with optional hard protectors SK-802, SK-679


polyester polyester


shoulder・elbow・back・chest(side : option)

・textile and mesh combination jacket
・carbon protector on shoulder
・graphic print on chest(for Black/Phoenix and Black/Dragon color)
・3D pattern
・3D mesh panel on lining side
・CE approved hard protectors on shoulder and elbow
・EVA padding on back
・hard type chest protector
・reflective panels for night safety on upper arm and back
・volume adjusters on forearm and bottom
・optional full chest protector attachable
・optional hard back protector attachable
・anti copy 4D label

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