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Street 3 WP are certified motorcycle shoes created to offer the perfect combination of protection on the saddle and freedom to walk in everyday situations. The upper is made of leather, and the T-DRY waterproof membrane lining means that the new STREET 3 WP have no problem with rain. Protection is guaranteed by toe and heel reinforcements and D3O® inserts on the ankle. This patented material is soft and flexible, but designed to stiffen in the event of an impact. One of the key points that produce a perfect balance of protection and comfort on the Street 3 WP shoe is the highly resistant yet flexible sole, characterized by the special molded polymer Zplate® insert, which combines transversal rigidity for maximum safety and longitudinal flexibility precisely due to its Z shape. Zplate® allows the shoe to follow all natural movements of the foot both in the saddle and when walking, but protects at the same time and prevents the shoe from being crushed in an impact. The Ortholite® insole is optimized to offer the sole of the foot long-lasting cushioning even after many uses and better breathability in all conditions. The Groundtrax® sole features self-cleaning tread and compound specifically designed to resist wear and adhere better to the controls on the bike. They are fastened using laces, with a concealed system that adopts an elastic eyelet on the tongue.


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