TCX 9581W Zeta

  • đ2,200,000

Simple design for outstanding water resistance, sturdy and neat layout. Protective shoe model with a higher sole.

Suede design, durable leather that resists friction and weather elements well. The shoe is recognized for its softness. The skin is soft and does not cause discomfort or discomfort when used for a long time.

Stable protection with padded inserts that can be kept contained within the ankle area. The shoe toe and heel are stiffened to maintain a stable feeling of use and limit impact when impacted.

Smart air intakes designed by the company help maximize breathability through the water-soft lining. The footwear is equipped on the included reflective track.

The sturdy double-locking system features a buckle in the middle of the shoe and a large Velcro-style closure in the front of the shoe. The standard locking system protects the armor system always in place and provides good protection.

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