• đ3,600,000

Air-through jacket by widely located mesh material. Sporty and calm design suit any style of motorcycle form sport to touring and classic.

To ease to wear protection for upper body by originally equipped protectors on chest, shoulder, elbow and back.
All protectors can be upgraded by optional protectors.
CPS (Chest Protector System) is equipped to use optional CE lv2 chest protectors.

Foam pad on back can be upgraded by optional TRV044TAICHI CE(LV2) BACK PROTECTOR.

・Hard shell chest protector
・CE lv2 soft type protector(shoulder, elbow)


Chest protector

Hard shell chest protector is equipped as standard to reduce the damage when fall down. You can also upgrade to the optional chest protector easily by CPS(Chest Protector System). It can be adjusted to the optimum position by the fixed button and Velcro.


CE lv.2 soft protectors are originally equipped on shoulder and elbow, and foam pad on back. All protectors can be upgraded by optional protector.

High breathability

Mesh fabric on wide range enhances breathability.


To reduce flapping while riding, adjustable snap button on arms and waist are equipped.

Safety in nighttime

Reflectors are equipped on front and back for visibility in nighttime.

Washable specifications

Chest protector can be removable by accessing from back waist.



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