NOCO XGrid Waterproof Portable Charger with LED Flashlight - 3000mAh - XGB3L

  • đ935

250 Lumen Water-Resistant LED Flashlight and Portable Charger

The XGB3L is an ultra-compact and bright tactical grade rechargeable lithium LED flashlight rated at 250 lumens. It's also an external portable charger and power bank for recharging mobile and USB devices, like an iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Apple Watch, Beats Headphones, GoPro and more. Its impact and water resistant rubberized outer layer handle the abuse of the most extreme environments— water, dirt, dust and more. With 3,000 milliamp-hours of reserve battery power, it provides hours of continuous light and keeps your devices fully charged and ready to go.

Technical Specifications:

What's In The Box

·         XGB3L Rechargeable LED Flashlight and Portable Charger

·         Micro USB Cable

·         User Guide & Warranty Information

Internal Battery

3,000mAh Lithium-Ion


250 Lumens

USB Input

1.0 Amps

USB Output

1.0 Amps

Compatible Devices

Perfect for all types of portable USB devices, like iPhones, iPads, iWatch, GoPro Cameras, Beats Headphones, Fitbit and more

IP Rating



Payment Methods

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