415 Chains & Sprocket

Heavy stock chains add a lot of unnecessary weight and resistance to the drive train and robs horsepower before it ever reaches the ground.  Changing to a 415 non o-ring chain and sprockets removes a small amount of weight from the system, and removes tons of friction, increasing the amount of horsepower and torque that actually reaches the ground at the rear wheel. The centrifugal forces are lighter which makes a big difference in performance despite the small weight loss. This is why changing from a stock chain and sprocket to our 415 chain and sprockets is arguably the best performance improvement per dollar and is a must have for all racers. The trade off with a running a 415 kit instead of the stock kit, is that the chain is smaller, lighter, and weaker, and will have to be replaced sooner but improvements to technology has increased the lifespan of 415 chains significantly

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