BREMBO 100mm GP4 RX Nickel Brake Caliper Kit

  • đ42,543,000

Brembo High Performance brake calipers combine unrivalled stability with MotoGP levels of braking performance. Manufactured using specific technologies for each model, these calipers are extremely stiff under stress, ensuring precise and consistent braking performance.

The Brembo High Performance range offers the most discerning motorcyclists a choice of three front caliper lines (two-piece billet components, monoblock components and monoblock billet components) and one rear caliper line to cater fully for even the most extreme requisites.

All High Performance calipers are interchangeable with the fork mounts of the most popular European and Japanese hypersports models and fully compatible with original equipment discs as well as Brembo Supersport and T-Drive discs.

In the GP4-RX version, the pads slide within the caliper body on special guides machined directly into the caliper body itself. This solution has made it possible to eliminate the pad pins. The GP4-RX is the first ever product to use a surface treatment adapted from MotoGP.

As well as giving the caliper an extremely attractive look, the nickel coating has made it possible to further reduce the already narrow machining tolerances, bringing benefits in terms of both performance and precision.

The hydraulic system has been painstakingly optimised, and the use of four 32 mm diameter pistons has further increased the already renowned power and controllability of Brembo calipers.

Technical Specifications

  • Position: Front
  • Fixing: Radial
  • Bridges: 3
  • Pad Shape: C
  • Caliper Body: 2-piece
  • Number of Pistons: 4
  • Disc Height: 32-34mm
  • Pistons - 32mm
  • Construction - CNC Aluminum
  • Finishing - Nickel Coating
  • Weight (w/o pads) - 1000gr
  • Brake Fluid - DOT 4
  • Hardware - Steel
  • Pistons - Aluminum
  • Center to Center - 100mm
  • Offset - 22.5mm


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