Since 2000, gilles tooling has been providing motorcycle aficionados around the world with innovative and high-quality accessories for racing and road use. as a former motorcycle racer, gerhard gilles , the company’s founder, combines a passion for the sport with the technical knowledge of an experienced cnc milling cutter: the development of the first multivariable footrest assembly kick-started a dynamic company, which today sells its extensive product range worldwide. tried and tested on both racetrack and road, gilles products set standards in innovation, engineering know-how, performance and safety. gilles tooling shares its customers’ passion for genuine originals: authentic, technically superior, customisable. making every motorcycle one of a kind. State-of-the-art cad/cam technology guarantees quick implementation, from idea to development, design and construction, and up to production – with consistently high quality. gilles tooling does not only focus on pure aesthetics, but also on maximum functionality with respect to ergonomics, performance, weight and materials. high-speed cnc cutting machines assure accuracy and precision in the machining of ultra-fine surfaces. in a production facility covering approximately 1000 square metres, complex machine tools are deployed, which transform the raw material on-site into customized components: a single source approach ensuring efficient processes and sophisticated high-end products.



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